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ARTISAN IRONWORK by [email protected]

…Oxford English Dictionary Stand


Oxford English Dictionary Stand...
Look no more! This dictionary stand is created specifically for the Oxford English Dictionary Compact Edition. Mounting for library light....Shelf for additional volumes angled so not to damage the bottoms and backs.  Includes an accessory shelf for magnifying glass and writing needs.  The stand also is a beautiful display for your dusty art books getting dustier on your shelves or stacked in your nether corners!  Create the corner vertical design to your personal style.  Dictionary stand dimensions: 28" wide x 37" high with a 4" rise to 41" x 18" deep.

Hall Table...
Create a table for more than just your keys! Designed to fit alongside both your entry space or hallway. Your personal style created with two glass shelves. Table dimensions: 41" wide x 35" high x only 8" deep to allow for ease of passing.


Quilt Rack...
Stop throwing your quilts, blankets, and clothes on the chair! Wrought iron quilt rack designed for those heavy wool quilts, duvets, and comforters. This is NOT your grandmother's wooden quilt rack!  Styled to your personal choice.  Quilt rack dimensions: 36" wide x 35" high x 12" deep.


Couch Table...
Do not hide that table behind the couch! Create a table with a top of glass or perforated metal.  Need a different look or an additional element?  Add a bottom shelf to your personal design.  Couch table dimensions: 4' wide x 28" high x 12" deep.

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